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Friday, March 30, 2012

Special wedding favor for your bride’s maids

There is nothing more important than friendships that endure, especially in a world that insists on changing. On your big day, your best friends help you a lot with no complain. Do you want to give your sincere thanks to your bride’s maids?

Choosing what gift as the wedding favor for your bride’s maids can be a tough mission for you. Things which are too simple or ordinary may be not proper to show your appreciation. The expensive gifts may be out of your financial limits. How about a vintage locket with a hidden personal note folded up inside for your friend? DIY special vintage lockets for your dear friends are very cool. It is also very easy for you to learn how to make one special locket on your own.
Materials you may need:
1.      vintage lockets
2.      Patterned decorative papers
3.      knife or paper cutter
1.      Using the paper cutter to make the decorative paper into straight strips.
2.      Writing down the thankful sentences you want on the back of the paper strips.
3.      folding the papers up and put them into the vintage lockets.

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