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Monday, June 25, 2012

Lugu Lake, Heaven on Earth

Rock came to Yunnan in 1922. He spent 27 years in Yunnan, and for over 20 years he lived on an island in Lugu Lake. 

Rock had deep emotion of this land which is surrounded by water. When he was dying, he told his best friend (in 1926) that, he preferred to die among the flowers on Lugu Island, instead of dying in the hospital in Hawaii.

Today I follow the footsteps of Rock to this incredible lake. There are 5 islands, 3 peninsulas, 1 seawall attached island. They are of different shapes with thousands of green trees. They look like green boats floating on the lake.

I was sitting beside the lake quietly. Before I came here, I am a city man with too many upset things hunting in my mind.
I couldn’t find a proper word to describe what I saw. Heaven is the only word I can say.

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