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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tips for U to choosing wedding dresses B

How to choose a piece of wedding dress which fits you well? This must be one of the most concern questions to all bride-to-Bes. Today I want to share my experience to you. Generally, there are 6 shapes of women: short waist, full figure, thin, hourglass, pear shape and thick waist. Today I continue the last post and introduce another two shapes to you.

Girls who are very thin can try ball gown which will make you like a ballet dancer. What’s more, sheath style dresses which are well tailored to you are also fit you well.
Thin girls usually can try most style of wedding dresses. However, they should avoid wearing dresses with neckline like portrait, off-the-shoulder and halter.

Hourglass girls have full breasts, sexy hips and narrow waists just like the hourglass. In other words, hourglass shape refers to the S-line. A-line dress can show the body line well. If you pick a sweet heart neckline, it will be perfect.
However, ball gown or empire dresses are not suitable for hourglass girls. Because ball gown or empire style will completely cover the advantages of S-line.

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