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Monday, April 16, 2012

A spring travel of a small village in China

If you want to have a trip in china and don’t want to be the crowed places, then I strongly recommended you a place named Wuyuan. Last week me and my friends had a trip in Wuyuan. Wuyuan is one of the most beautiful villages in China. It is in Jiangxi province, Jingde town. 

When I arrived at my destination, it was 6 a.m. So I ate my breakfast at a local restaurant. The meal was pretty good.

This is the early morning of Wuyuan.

The tickets of Wuyuan view spots cost me 180 RMB. Here are the tickets.

Then I start my trip. There are endless golden flowers. Rape flowers were yellowing the fields. The historical buildings are amazing.

I really enjoy my trip.

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