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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Thoughts about the U.S Confucius Institute Issue

Recently, I heard the news from the TV report that, American government decided to shut down all the Confucius Institutes in U.S.A. I think this policy is really ridiculous and inconsiderable.

Many theories and philosophies of Confucius are still very useful in our modern age. For example, the golden age theory. Golden mean, deriving in Confucius’ age, which has been quoted by countless knowledgeable scholars and saints as their mottos, still dominants the modern age as a sacred life philosophy which might have the gorgeous power successively to affect and benefit the following generations.

More than 2000 years flowing in page of human history, since it firstly advocated, golden mean unlike gold and jewels which have perished in the dust still be worshipped by its adherents for remarkable fascination. In deed it does have the reason for its survival through the long history of human civilization.

However, in the modern age the implication of golden mean unfortunately has changed from the original meaning which has been corrupted with the shadow of sarcasm. Golden mean nowadays is frequently used as kind of evaluation over those indifferent politicians or governments who unwillingly claim their positions. It is regarded as an invulnerable amour to protect those statesmen or governments from their supervisors. This is the misunderstanding of golden mean which actually is symbol of wisdom and philosophy.

Dating back to the ancient age, the original meaning of golden mean implicates to three main principles which could be simplified as, be strict in study and self-esteem , be generous to forgive others, be honest and loyal to the one who deserves it. The three moral fibers regarded as great virtues compose the golden mean and make it glorious through 2000 years or more. It is a waste that people now misapprehend golden mean, but sincerely its glory will one day shine upon us like the old days or more brilliant.

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