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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Bite of China

Are you a food lover? Recently a series of documentary is really hot in China. It is called, A Bite of China.

A Bite of China, also named as Tasting China, is a season of documentary about traditional Chinese food. It is produced by CCTV and broadcasting since May 14th on Channel 1 of CCTV.

I have watched all the seven episodes of A Bite of China. This documentary is really good. It introduces the various characters of diets and food from different regions in China. As a Chinese, A Bite of China gives me the full concept of Chinese food. It lets me feel proud of my country.

The first chapter of A Bite of China is called the Gift of Nature. Every we eat is the gift of nature. There are various geographies in China. Because of this reason, the grains, plants and animals are different from north to south, east to west.

The second episode is talking about the story of staples in different places of China. Basically people live in North China eat noodles, dumplings and other wheaten food. South people are favorite of rice.

Transition of food is the topic of the third chapter. It talks about reproduction of food. The favor of time is the theme of the fourth chapter. The fifth topic is the secrets in kitchen. The sixth episode of A Bite of China is about the combination of five favors in dishes. The topic of last episode is about the land.

The first season of A Bite of China just has seven chapters. I really looking forward for its second season!

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